Lighting Designer, School of Lighting

We providing technical services and maintenance in the entertainment industry.

Our services include:

Technical maintenance

Light design

Lighting equipment rental

Console operators

Trade show lighting

Staff training

Permanent rental and installations

We would be happy to collaborate 

with you and provide ongoing 

equipment on mutually beneficial 


Our specialists speak the language of 

the equipment. They will tune 

your system and ensure its flawless 


Technical servicing 

of your lighting 


Improve your team

Our programs and courses will

give you a team of specialists

who know every detail of their


Rent light. VL 3000 and 3015 are excellent fixtures

designed specifically for large stages. With

their help, we will create rich lighting

solutions in your venue.

VL3000 & VL3015LT Spot GOBOS

Custom stage design for your show

We offer you the opportunity to create a unique stage design for

your event. It’s a 3D project in 3D Lighting Renders that includes precise building structures

and our suggestions for the placement of lighting fixtures.

Additionally, we’ll provide 3d videos for each option showcasing the

setup in action. Be distinctive in your sermons and theatrical

productions with us!


We know how to enhance the impact of your worship service! Our solutions will help

parishioners feel more deeply due to the atmosphere! We have a wealth of

knowledge about the psychology of light and how it enhances people’s perception.

By choosing our services, you’ll gain a new effect for your church parishioners.

Small performance

Are you a fledgling organization

without the means for a large venue or

hosting big events? Do you think you’ve

squeezed out the maximum from what

you have? We can help you grow! With

over 15 years of experience in this

field, We’ve been involved in the

growth of numerous events. 

Undoubtedly, We know how to create

an incredible light show with just four

lighting fixtures,  leaving a wealth of

emotions with your audience


From the main concept to the final execution. Over 200 events implemented

under my leadership worldwide.

Theatrical performances

Theatrical art is ancient. One of our

areas in lighting is theatrical

productions. We know how to ensure

that every gesture or word strikes

directly at the audience’s heart. We

create the right shadows based on the

director’s ideas and rent lighting equipment. 

Our experience allows us to find common ground with all

directors because we are all creative

souls and should connect in this world.

Our Services

Stage Design  

Lighting operator

Lighting technical  

Rent: Lighting package 

Permanent support

Lighting Designer, School of Lighting