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 Take advantage of this unique opportunity to gain knowledge based on 15 years of experience. My name is George, and I am a professional lighting designer and teacher. For over 5 years, my courses have helped people from different countries take the profession of ‘lighting designer’ and enhance their skills. My students have achieved significant results and reached desired heights in this field.

Our courses

1.Fundamentals of the profession of lighting designer

In this course, I will teach you to understand the world of light. You will learn about the principles of color mixing. You will become familiar with all types of fixtures based on light sources, functionality, beam angles, and more. I will explain the differences in lighting for various types of events, whether it’s a wedding, concert, or worship, highlighting all the intricacies and nuances of each direction. We’ll also cover how to properly set up networks for the correct operation and control of light. Syncing light-music-video. Understanding timecode and how it works. Basics of 3D modeling. Variety of lighting consoles. GrandMA2: overcoming the fear of launching your first show. And of course, by the end of this course, you will be able to control a lighting fixture and go through all the stages from choosing the fixture to YOUR FIRST LIGHTING EFFECT.

Duration of this course: 16 hours


2.GrandMA2: How to Work with It

This course is designed for those who have previous experience with lighting and want to elevate their level of light shows and increase programming speed on the GrandMA2 console.

Understanding the ergonomics of the entire product line.

Fixture patching and show preparation.

Concepts of presets, sequences, executors.

Various applications of timecode tools.

Complete comprehension of the logic behind the GrandMA2 lighting console.

Customizing individualized screens for more effective operation.

Creating effects that will captivate audiences for a long time.

Navigating through large-scale shows with over 200 fixtures.

Managing multiple artists with different shows on one console.

Quickly identifying and resolving issues.

Embark on an engaging journey into the world of Macros.

Duration of course: 26 hours


3.What is ‘basking’ and why is it important?

I will teach you to quickly prepare your console for live performances. You’ll be able to swiftly navigate your show for lightning-fast responses to customer requests. After completing the course, you’ll have a clear understanding of what to use and in which situations.

Duration of course: 4 hours

4.Psychology of light

How to choose the right color, color mixing rules, what emotions colors convey, and how crucial shades are for the depth of emotional understanding within a composition for the viewer. All this and much more will become much closer to you with this course.

Duration of course: 4 hours


5.How to make light musical?

Music and light are interconnected. It’s incredibly important to know how to ‘hear’ music. How to feel the rhythm and not lose track? What instrument is playing right now? What to do during a drum solo? You will find the answers to these questions in my course!

Duration of course: 4 hours


6.Protocols used for controlling light.

This course enhances the qualifications of anyone in this industry. You’ll learn to properly set up networks that function correctly. We’ll delve into protocol types and their differences, as well as devices for protocol conversion.

Duration of course: 4 hours


7.3D show modeling for previsualization.

In today’s world, 3D modeling is essential for everyone. I will teach you 3D modeling of stages or entire venues for the correct placement of lighting fixtures and trusses. You will also be able to create 3D videos to present your future work to clients. Additionally, it will be great that you can prepare your future show at home by yourself and quickly adjust it on-site. Showcase an incredible level of preparation to others using your little secret.

Duration of course: 10 hours


8.Varieties of lighting styles depending on the type of event. Working with directors.

Find out the difference in the work of a lighting artist between television, a private party, a large pop concert, and a dramatic theater. I’ll tell you about the correct control of haze and vignette.

The angles of lighting for faces or decorations and the difference in shadows from this.

Frontal and back light. What does a filming director need?

What’s the difference between a theatre director and a show filming director?

Duration of course: 12 hours


9.The full course

Unique program for everyone, whether you’re a complete outsider to this industry or an experienced professional. It includes all programs that are available separately. The accessible and straightforward presentation allows one to grasp the material in a gamified format.

Course duration: 60 hours

10. Individual lesson

If you have any questions regarding event lighting, consoles, or anything related to lighting design, and you’re hesitant or reluctant to engage in a group setting or disclose certain event secrets or ideas to a larger audience, I’m pleased to inform you that you can always opt for private lessons or training. There’s no specific time or fixed price here. Give us a call, and we’ll find the perfect solution for your query.

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Lighting Designer, School of Lighting