Lighting Designer, School of Lighting


The light began with unforgettable ancient times,
where the first fire became a symbol of civilization.
The flame provided warmth, safety, and comfort in
the surrounding world of darkness. But this
beautiful element did not stop only at the fire. The
ancient Greeks and Romans discovered the secret
of candles and lamps that fully illuminated dreams
and knowledge. And today, looking at the networks
of light that stretch far beyond the horizons, we
understand how much this history of light is
intertwined with our lives. Light not only helps us
see, but it also symbolizes knowledge, peace, and
the discovery of new possibilities.


Light can be not only a source of illumination, but
also a magical opportunity to create an atmosphere
in your environment. Our attention has been paid to
different types of light fixtures that not only give us
light, but also perform important functions in our
daily lives. We paid special attention to the creative
and decorative use of light. For creative souls and
designers, lamps become a work of art that helps
bring the brightest ideas to life and create a special
atmosphere in any room. All these lighting devices
have become not just sources of illumination, but
also a magical opportunity to transform our
environment and create a unique style. They help us
emphasize the mood, change the emotional
background, and also create a comfortable space.


Angles and Plans Using pre
set theater lighting
as an example, we analyzed the lighting angles
and light plans that a lighting designer has to
work with (side light, front light, back light and
down light), how and why to use it.
Each of these types of light has its own
characteristics and effects, and the lighting artist
uses them to create a unique atmosphere on
stage. He can combine different angles and light
schemes, creating an emotional palette with
them and emphasizing the director’s intentions.
Lighting becomes another tool of the artist, which
helps to create a unique and fascinating world of
theatrical art.


So, what is color temperature?
This is a parameter that reflects the shade of light
emitted by different lighting sources.
Why is it important for us to know about the
flowering temperature?
It turns out that it has a significant impact on our
feelings and mood. When we optimally select the
flowering temperature, we can achieve better


Few people know that
Malighting GrandMA is
deservedly considered one of the most popular and
reliable brands in the world of lighting consoles for
the show business and theater industry. These
remotes are capable of controlling the most complex
shows, providing high quality, precision and creative
possibilities. My 14 year journey with these remotes
has been a real test, from the amazing creative
process to the unexpected problems and their


Color is a language understood by everyone. It
affects our mood, emotions and perception of the
world around us. But do we really know how different
colors come about? How do they mix with each
other and what happens when we create new color
combinations? We found answers to all these
questions together! Visualizing the color mixing
process on our stand helped to understand how it
happens in real life. We saw how, by mixing primary
colors, we create new, impressive shades, opening
up endless possibilities for the use of colors in
creativity and design.


My aim in this workshop is to demonstrate how you
can create a magical light and music performance
using readily available and affordable tools such as
ordinary lanterns. My goal is to show you that each
of you can be a true magician of the light, regardless
of your experience or knowledge.
And here, finally, the moment of truth! Your lighting
effects literally come alive on stage, highlighting
every note and emotion of the music. The
atmosphere completely changes, and you
understand that the ability to create light is a real art.


How to choose the ideal speakers and equipment
that will ensure maximum sound quality in large
outdoor venues? Our speaker revealed the secrets
of designing and placing sound equipment in such
a way that the acoustics give the most accurate
and powerful sound to all the audience! We also
delved into the nature of sound how it spreads,
how it interacts with air and the surrounding space.
This knowledge is essential in order to understand
how sound affects the atmosphere and creates a
unique atmosphere of the show.


At the seminar, we focused on the latest possibilities in the field of video and light. A rather
unique zone was invented, where video and light devices were combined. This cool area
contained a central element video. But to make this video stand incredible, various
lighting fixtures were used around the video. Lighting devices give the whole show depth
and dynamics, making the video even more exciting and emotional.
But that’s not all! Our seminar was attended by a real expert in the field of «media servers»
and working with the Resolume program. He talked about the principles and secrets of
working with video, as well as how to effectively use these tools to create an exciting show.


TMB provided us with a number of products such as
cables, testers, ArtGate , Switch and other cool
things for working with lights and networks. And we
also had the opportunity to test their cool and
powerful lighting devices that help create incredible
lighting effects and atmosphere at any event. We
encouraged guests to fight for the opportunity to
receive and work with these light fixtures. Anyone
who received these devices will be able to become a
real light master and create exciting shows and


The main speaker of the seminar was Georgy
Ivanenko an expert in the lighting industry, who shared his
knowledge and experience. Other speakers from Ukraine and the USA also spoke at the event, which added
variety and educational information.
The seminar had a unique format
it combined an exhibition with several zones where everyone could touch the
lighting devices. It was very exciting and educational for both adults and children.
One of the best guitarists of Ukraine presented his performances on stage, giving everyone present incredible
feelings from his music.
However, not only knowledge and technical skills were the goal of this workshop. The main goal was to help
Ukrain e , so all funds collected during the seminar were donated to the organization «Prosthesis Foundation»,
which is engaged in the manufacture of prostheses for soldiers who lost limbs during the war.
Thus, this workshop combined creativity, practical skills and charity, creating an incredible and unforgettable
event for all participants. Everyone who participated was able to feel emotions and inspiration from working with
light and creating a show, as well as being part of a good cause and helping those in need.

Lighting Designer, School of Lighting